With respect for all Indigenous Nations,  cultural presentations always begin with acknowledging the local Indigenous Nation.  If required, maps will be introduced that provide a clear visual understanding of local Indigenous Nation with relation to presenter's Tsimshian Nation and Canada.  

Three booking minimum and applicable travel charges apply for bookings outside of Nanaimo. 


Sharing Circle's Rock!  K-12         $60       Length: 55 Minutes

This 55 minute presentation describes the history of the Traditional Indigenous Talking Circle practice as well as demonstrates ways that classrooms can incorporate the Indigenous practice into your setting.  Instructors are left with a "Sharing Circle Kit", the confidence and comfort to execute their own variation of a sharing circle and a better understanding of how the Talking Circle practice achieves BC Curriculum Core Competencies.  The sharing circle is a great addition to any classroom. 

Salmon Are Special  K-12         $55             Length: 45 Minutes

During this 45 minute session, groups will explore the concept of "interconnection" amongst Indigenous people, land, water and animals (focus on salmon) through oral stories and visual aids.  Arlene brings  personal belongings that demonstrate the important role Salmon continue to have in her family.  The 45 minute session is closed with a question and discussion period, learning the word "salmon" in the local Indigenous language and a group activity that encourages participants to support salmon sustainability.  A great compliment to community salmon programs.  

Button Blanket Presentation K-12    $60    Length: 60Mins

This 45 minute presentation describes the history and storytelling of the Northwest Coast Tsimshian Button Blanket.   Participants will understand when and where a button blanket is worn, who may wear them and how they are designed and made.  This presentation is hands on with an opportunity for participants to try on the blanket and finish with a paper blanket activity that introduces the Tsimshian clan system.  

Tsimshian Oral Storytelling K-12       $45        Length: 30 mins

Starting the storytelling session with a short visualisation, Arlene then takes you on a journey into better understandings of how the Kitsumkalum people became responsible for the land, water and animals of Robin Town within the Tsimshian Nation.  This story demonstrates an example of the philosophy of "interconnection" that is deeply rooted in Canadian Indigenous cultures.  

The storytelling session is closed with a question and discussion period where we  explore other "western" examples of stories of transformation.  

  HAMMERTIME!      GR.5 - 12                       $125.00                                         Length:  1.5 hours  

This session begins with a background on what Indigenous language revitalisation is and a guided discussion that explores the importance of Indigenous language revitalisation for all Canadians.   We will then use leather stamping tools to hammer the local indigenous greeting into leather bracelets and into our lives.  

Supplies required:  space for introductory presentation as well as space for groups of 5 students at a time to work with Arlene hammering into leather.  Although rubber mallets are used, this activity can be loud.  Please consider this when arranging space for us to work.  

                                          Supplies supplied:  leather, stamping tools  


 My Reconciliation Includes ...            $250     Length: 2hrs 

This workshop for professionals shares better understandings concerning what Reconciliation means and what can  be done to be part of positive change in Canada.   Learning Indigenous greetings is a great way for us to open the doors of reconciliation.  You will walk away well practised in your local Indigenous greeting along with a better understanding of how this gesture may open the doors for further inspiring collaborations in Canada.  

Email indigenousfunfacts@gmail.com for booking.  

If you don't find a presentation that suits your groups needs, email  indigenousfunfacts@gmail.com    An alternative program or reference resource may be available.